West Ireland Emigration to Canada

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West Ireland Emigration to Canada


This site is dedicated to the exchange of information about the families described in Dr. Bruce Elliott's book, "Irish Migrants in the Canadas".  See book details at http://www.mqup.mcgill.ca/book.php?bookid=743 . This is an unoffical site to support genealogical research and was not created by Dr. Bruce Elliot, nor his publisher, McGill-Queens University Press.  Let me know if you want this site changed in any way. Currently, everyone is allowed to contribute material to this site. Hopefully, no one will contribute anything that is inappropriate. If that happens, a name and password will be required for contributors.

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Memorandum of the terms of which the Government has agreed to convey a limited number of Settlers from Ireland to Upper-Canada and locate them upon lands in that Province; and also of the conditions upon which lands shall be granted.
Such Emigrants as the Superintendent shall accept, shall be conveyed from the place of embarkation in Ireland, to their lands in Upper-Canada, wholly at the public charge, and provisions shall be furnished them during their voyage, and for one whole year after their location upon their respective lots.
Such Farming Utensils as are absolutely necessary to a new Settler shall also be found for each head of a Family, or person receiving a grant of Land.
No Person above the Age of 45 Years shall be conveyed to Upper-Canada at the Public Expense, unless under particular circumstances. in the discretion of the superintendent.
Every Male above 13 years of age and not exceeding 45 years to whom a certificate shall have been given by the Superintendent that he was accepted by him as an Emigrant Settler to receive lands in Upper Canada, shall on his arrival receive a location ticket, or order for 70 Acres of land in such part of the Province as the Lieutenant Governor or Person administering the Government shall assign, And in order that such emigrants as shall be industrious and prudent may have an opportunity of extending their possessions and providing for the respectable maintenance or their Children, an additional tract of 30 acres, adjoining every such Grant of 70 acres, shall be reserved by the Crown be granted for the space of ten years after the location of the 70 acres, to afford an opportunity to the proprietor of such larger tract of purchasing the same within the period, by paying the moderate sum of 10 Sterling.

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